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American GI Forum of California

Please fill out application form, print it out and submit it to your local chapter with the appropriate dues. Please also press the submit button at the bottom to notify the AGIF Treasurer's office electronically of your application submittal.

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    Associate Members are those persons that have an interest in relevant AGIF community betterment issues. As an Associate Member, you will not be charged the membership dues that members pay in their Chapters, and will not be eligible to vote; but you may attend meetings and give input, you will receive the AGIF/CA e-News containing information regarding Veterans issues and events that the California AGIF Chapters are involved in, as well as news from the National American GI Forum Office. Mutual benefit of Associate Memberships include helping the AGIF/CA to advocate for causes through increased numbers; and the AGIF/CA being able to advocate for causes that its members identify.

  • Membership dues vary by chapter; check with your local chapter by clicking on Listing of California Chapters below.